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Monstered Egg Bento with Chicken Fried Rice05.03.10

monster egg and chicken fried rice bentoToday’s bento is a monster type creature made from a “dressed egg” or “egg mimosa” with green beans for the eyes and legs and arms, and an apple body on a grated carrot background, with chicken fried rice, peas, broccoli, cucumber and garlic on a food pick.

The rice was left over from when I made these chicken skewers earlier this evening. I got the idea for these chicken skewers from

curry ketchup chicken skewers

curry ketchup chicken skewers

I thought the ones on there looked really tasty and as it happens, I had got my chicken out of the freezer this morning just like the Flylady told me to do, so by the time I got my inspiration for what to do with it, it was pretty simple! I didn’t have any of the ingredients from the recipe apart from the chicken though (LOL), so I used spicy curry ketchup to marinate them in for a couple of hours before dipping them in some sesame seeds and sizzling them on their skewers in the frying pan!

Today I took part in my fellow Flybaby DianeDenmark’s Scaredy Cat Challenge! Weeding the patio! Not something I have ever attempted before, but I thought I would be brave and jump in, especially seeing I was prepared for anything, already being dressed to my lace-up shoes and timer AND already having complete the Weekly Home Blessing! (Go me!) I set my timer for 15 mins, spent 5 mins testing different pieces of cutlery and found out a long handled latte spoon works better than a butter knife for digging out the moss, grass and plantains! When the timer beeped I did another 10 minutes of weeding and then spent the last 5 mins sweeping up. I was really surprised what a difference 30 mins made! Here are the before and after pics!

patio before

patio before

patio after

patio after

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