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Fishfinger Bento02.22.10

Fishfinger bento

Fishfinger bento

To make this I boiled up some mini pasta stars (how cute are they?!) And fried up a couple of fishfingers (fishsticks). I cooked broccoli with the pasta stars and a few slices of courgette (Zucchini) with the fish sticks. While that was cooking, I cut a slice of cheese with the teddy bear cutter, heart cutter, flower cutter and fan cutter. (For shape cutters click here.) I used the teddy bear cutter on the raw carrot and made orange comet shapes by using the hands of the lizard cutter. I cut a slice of bread with the top end of the fork shaped cutter to make some white tulips. Then i arranged it and added faces with Tomato Ketchup and put a blob of it in the corner.

Voila : A Fishfinger Bento fit for a prince (my toddler!) This one was one of the more successful bentos, here he ate most of it!

Fishfinger bento

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